Read, before flashing:


I’m not responsible if any of this ROMs bricks your lovely phone. Use it at your own risk! If you dislike my work, do checkout, there is other ROMs which suit you better.

Anyway, suggestions is welcomed or buglist, let’s make this blog a place that learn from each other.

[Xiaomi Redmi 1S][device == armani]Mokee OpenSource MK4.4.4 release

Thanks to devs/mokee team 🙂

-voi posta aici fiecare versiune „release” pe care o curat de chinezisme:

(2014-12-13 06:39:57) ––
(old version)21.11.14:

-de asemenea aici aveti GApps (minimal) pentru acest Mooke:
Obs: GApps se poate downloada si instala din setarile ROM-ului: Settings/Mokee Center/Extras unde aveti butonul de refrash – dreapta sus!

[Xiaomi Redmi 1S][Based on MIUI v45] MiniMI


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-based on JHCCNBH45.0 (chinise version), so there is no gapps or root included and this tips: -removed bloatware -bootup in english Please install all arhives with custom recovery before reboot the phone! ROM: Ultra_Slim_GApps: SuperSU:

[ROM4.1.2]Optimus NIVO – ROM

Multumesc lui @liviulove

how to flash a backup version:

-extract directory from arhive to sdcard: /clockworkmod/backup
-wipe data/factory reset
-backup and restore->restore->***********ROM’s directory*********->Yes – restore

-am adaugat optiunea de limba romana,
-fara bloatware dar atentie, pe acest ROM am lasat toate optiunile de sincronizare,
-din start am dezactivat zRam-ul, serviciile Google si XPosed („disG” respectiv „disXP”), le puteti reactiva simplu:



ZRam-ul se poate activa stergand caracterul „_” din denumirea fisierului / system/lib/modules/_zram.ko si faceti un reboot. Veti avea mai multa memorie RAM (virtual) dar incarca mai mult CPU-ul.

Activati XPosed doar cand instalati un nou modul, in rest n-aveti nevoie de el 🙂

[ROM4.1.2]Orange NIVO – ROM


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Changelog: -full odexed system and cleanned -repaced default launcher with Nova Prime -disabled zram -usefull scripts, more info later about this -and more   **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Am facut screen-ul imediat dupa reboot si dupa ce am oprit ce am … Continuă lectura

[Android] –Usefull tools–


Această galerie conține 1 fotografie. Cum sa odexati o aplicatie inainte de a o adauga in ROM (/system/app)? 1)trebuie sa aveti in system/bin urmatoarele utilitare: zip, dexopt-wrapper, zipalign. Le copiati si modificati permisiunile fisierelor dupa cum sunt celelalte. Daca folositi vreun ROM slim, le … Continuă lectura

Cum se rooteaza telefonul Orange NIVO, dupa ce faceti update-ul …130609… (System settings/About phone/Software Version)


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In primul rand n-as vrea sa-mi arog nici un merit pentru aceasta metoda dar m-am gandit totusi sa fac un mic tutorial unde adun cat mai multe informatii imprastiate pe mai multe pagini de pe Softpedia. Cei care va mai … Continuă lectura

[ROM4.1.2][Orange NIVO] Back to Orange stock version


1)Copiati continutul arhivei (dezarhivati) in directorul \clockworkmod\backup\ de pe cardul SD. 2)Bootati telefonul in custom recovery 3)wipe data/factory reset 4)backup and restore 5)restore si selectati directorul dezarhivat la pct. 1 si „yes – restore” 6)mai aplicati odata punctul 3) 7)cand … Continuă lectura

[ROM 2.2.2] Fromanya [.zip format] – [stable version 17.03.13]


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How to install: Boot in custom recovery and clean your SD: -mounts and storage/mount USB storage -delete folders: „android_secure”&”Android”&”DCIM\.thumbnails\”&”LOST.DIR”, there is more, depends on what apps using -wipe data/factory reset -install zip from sdcard/choose zip from sdcard … -reboot system now … Continuă lectura

Lost IMEI/GSM signal?

Users of this phone, sometimes, lose IMEI when flash ROMs 😦
The reason is we have more then one radio/GSM firmware.
There is no need to flash a nb0 file format every time you flash a new ROM (zip format), it’s stupid, right?
For example, I’m using Fromanya as base (always do) and I test or make ROMs based on CM7 without problem, so:
-never flash nb0 file before
-have a CWM backup with my stuff
-don’t like ROM, it’s too bugy and want to restore? Just restart in recovery and restore, without PC 🙂

If you start your phone in download mode and appears:


Modem REV: FXX-3-230-00

flash this file, after ROM 🙂

2) there is more than one version like I sad

Thanks to @Fagulhas for radio fix 🙂

[Reloaded][ROM 2.3.7]MIUI OS[2.4.20][EN&RU]


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Slideshow is not the default theme. Changelog: -based on aPT-v3 (nightly – 31/08/12) -some tweaks and fixes -languages: EN&RU -discover yourself Some tips for better and smoother: * MIUI camera gives F.C. You can fix that if enter in setting menu of … Continuă lectura

[ROM 2.3.7][PORT&THEMED]LG UI & MIUI theme :)


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I want to start this post with thanks for: @Zdune for theme: @neko95 for ROM: @Fagulhas for ROM, version aPT-v3, compatible ROM for our Z71 clones, update 31/08/12: Changelog: … discover yourself … ROM link: Alternativ link: Update … Continuă lectura

[ROM 2.2]Kernel[17.01.13]


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––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Update: ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Hey guys,I’ve changed flash routine of previous posted kernel so it should work on different ROMs: Phanthom, Crazy S, Brem. In prosess of flashing, script of this zip format adapting to every of this ROMs. L.E.: For … Continuă lectura

Hi, guys:

Thank for thanks 🙂 !

Flashing custom ROM, gives you this error?


Its perfect normal, when ROM contains custom recovery, just reboot phone with Master Reset 🙂

[For testing only][ROM2.3.7][Port]New ROM: MIUI[mdpi version]


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Changelog: -based on latest ROM&kernel by @Fagulhas: CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1-z71-aPT-v2 & #112 -for this version I’ve used mdpi resources by @Koloses. Here is the original thread with some explanations:  click_me.  Big thanks to him, I know that it’s hard work to resize … Continuă lectura

[ROM2.3.7][Port] MoKee OS [RC2][update 25.10.12]


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See Section 1, below for latest version  (RC2 version) 🙂 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Section 2 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– GO-Mokee I found on xda forum a version of MoKee OS that I ported for our phone, just for curiosity. It’s not bad this combination of … Continuă lectura

Some stuff …

Google apps lite version, with newest Market app included.
I’ve removed all google apps that I don’t need or you can download from Market.

Original Google Apps from CM:

Google Play updated, version 3.8.17:  outdated

so,you are probably wondering what does it do,so here we go
[*] more louder speaker
[*] more louder headphones
[*] much more bass!!
[*] bass is clearer,no need to use dsp manager
[*] dsp manager doesnt give force closes
[*] doesnt make sound crackling

L.E.: before flashing this make backup!!!

Adobe Flash Player for ARM v6

New links for Adobe Flash:
-update flashable from recovery:

[ROM 2.2.2][Custom] Fromanya [final][Stable][Lite][nb0 format]


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***************************************Fromanya 1.2******************************************* This is final version of Fromanya, no more updates 😦 My goal with this project was to maintain stability of stock ROMs (Froyo official) but to looks nicer and optimized! I like simple and responsive interface but this … Continuă lectura

[ROM 2.3.7] MyLIGUX [GO apps themed][24.08.12]


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Update: I’ve just updated Go apps and Play Store (Google Market), nothing special. Enjoy! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -based on LiGux v3.2 beta6 z71 OptiMod, thanks to Mas Hubaib -Dalvik2Cache -kernel – #2, thanks to @edgar86 -WiFi drivers from ROM 2.3.7 … Continuă lectura

[ROM 2.3.7][Port] LeWa OS [21.07.12]


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build 05.07.12: -before login with Play Store, enable „Accounts & sync settings/Background data” -AutoBrightness fixed -this ROM is very fast, nice and I hope more stabil -not all function working well in CyanogedMod settings -ICS Live Wallpaper included (System settings/Personal … Continuă lectura

[ROM 2.3.7][Port] MyLeWa [Custom]


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Features: -tweaked some status bar icons -auto brightness fixed (*), not 100%. -added ExDialer, an MiUI style dialer. Simple, smart and fast. I like it, with multilanguage support and some themes, like in screenshoots. -changed bootanimation. -update and included: Market, … Continuă lectura

[ROM 2.3.7][Port] MIUI OS [v3]


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build v3: Note: I decided to put on this version MiHome Launcher. On first boot, the Launcher takes time to initialize, have patience. How to apply themes? Use Themes app, of course, but disable Lockscreen component before Apply. Lockscreen … Continuă lectura