[ROM 2.3.7] MyLIGUX [GO apps themed][24.08.12]

Update: I’ve just updated Go apps and Play Store (Google Market), nothing special.



-based on LiGux v3.2 beta6 z71 OptiMod, thanks to Mas Hubaib
-kernel – #2, thanks to @edgar86
-WiFi drivers from ROM 2.3.7 CM7.2 RC1 Build 25-03-2012 by @pj, thanks very much for this
-changed Splash, Boot animation and default ringtones
-replaced default Launcher, Dialer, SMS, Keyboard with GO DEV TEAM apps, this guys make amazing apps
-some tweaks
-maybe you discover more

This ROM is stable, fast and best battery life for 2.3.x ROM’s.

*Test arhive for CRC error.
*If you have continuous FC when activate WiFi, use a file explorer with root privileges (eg root explorer) and go to the folder /data/misc/wifi erase all content and reboot.

Download linkhttp://www20.zippyshare.com/v/95542075/file.html

How to install:

  •     go to recovery
  •     wipe data/factory reset
  •     install zip from sdcard/choose zip from sdcard
  •     power off
  •     reboot with “Master Reset”

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  1. Excelent, i’m currentely using this rom, and i find it very fluid

  2. using LiGux daily and had only a couple or reboots but overall it works great

  3. Best ROM so far. 🙂 I’ve tried your MIUI ROMS but I like this one better. Thank you so much for the effort in porting these ROMS!

  4. @CIPI which is the latest update this one http://www30.zippyshare.com/v/94643157/file.html or this http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/95542075/file.html ..
    Anyways I downloaded and installed the first one but the problem was the FC of wifi and I tried your instruction „use a file explorer with root privileges (eg root explorer) and go to the folder /data/misc/wifi erase all content and reboot.”
    .. when i turn off my wifi and turned it back same problem..
    Hope you could fixed it..
    But over-all I love the way you customized this ROM.. ^-^

    • First is the latest. Try and try again.
      I know that is problem with WiFi but this drivers is best for me on this CM . Like I sad I’m using from diffrent ROM this driver.

      • good day.. can you use kernel version ubuntu #1 instead of #2.. because #1 works wifi accurately.. thank you so much.. i just don’t know how to change kernel version from #2 back to #1.

        • It’s very simple, use one of scripts to flash kernel that you find on post „[ROM 2.2]Kernel[19.08.12]„. It doesn’t matter that is for 2.2 ROMs.
          Before, enter in arhive and replace file boot.img with your kernel (with same name).
          -flash from recovery mode
          -wipe cache and dalvik cache

  5. Getting „invalid package file” error. Anyone know how to solve this?

      • Not for every app. This only happen when the cache partition is full or nearly full. I already tried to reflash again and the same problem occurs.

        • -delete this file „system\etc\init.d\77dalvik2cache”
          -reboot in recovery, wipe cache and dalvik cache
          -you ready to go

          Or you can delete that file from ROM arhive before flashing …

          L.E.: This script is OK for everyone that don’t use to much apps but I think is not your case.

  6. after 4.5 hours of stand by time, i’m losing my network signal, have to reboot or set to airplane mode then got signal again.

    .. how should I fix this problem…

    @Cipi also I haven’t tried MOkie ROM.. I just want to ask what is the best rom and stable rom for you 2.3.x…
    I need that rom because s2E doesn’t work in froyo.. Thank you so much..

    • I don’t use 2.3 ROMs (I mean daily use) simply because I don’t trust them.

      On Froyo you can use Link2SD, it’s very good app.

      • is the procedure of Link2SD same with S2E?..

        ok give me the link where I can download froyo.. Thank you so much..
        .. I am satisfied instead in Ligux the only problem was often no network connection and I said I have to put in Flight mode time to time..

        • Try this options:
          Mobile networks/Network pref. = GSM only
          Use only 2G networks = on

          About ROM 2.3.7:
          The newest ROM based on CM sources is this.
          There you can find the original thread of the author.

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