[For testing only][ROM2.3.7][Port]New ROM: MIUI[mdpi version]

-based on latest ROM&kernel by @Fagulhas: CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1-z71-aPT-v2 & #112
-for this version I’ve used mdpi resources by @Koloses. Here is the original thread with some explanations:  click_me.  Big thanks to him, I know that it’s hard work to resize all graphics
-I’ve replaced SMS app with Go SMS because it seems has a bug.
-Thanks to @Robert/@ALMAJAN for testing and suggestions

BUGS: It seems that this ROM has wrong resized graphics, is not mdpi, maybe that’s why widgets and icons overlap.


Download link: http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/2480323/file.html

How to aplly themes? Read [ROM 2.3.7][Port] MIUI OS post!


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  1. Salut Cipi.
    Imi recomanzi si mie un rom 2.3.7 stabil cu o autonomie buna a bateriei?

    • Ligux Lite, este Lite pentru ca i-am scos majoritatea aplicatiilor asa ca nu te astepta sa ai default tot ce-ti trebuie.
      Daca n-ai avut pana acum Ligux, ca sa afisezi acele power switch-uri (acele butonase cu care activezi wifi, bluetoth etc) trebe sa apesi in stanga sus.
      Orice ROM Ligux are niste optiuni de costumizare interesante te las sa le descoperi singur, poti chiar inregistra o convorbire (fara ca activare sa se auda vreun bip).
      Asta e cam singurul 2.3.7 folosit mai mult, in rest stau pe Fromanya.

  2. It reboots when changes music in google play music, who can i fix it?apart from that, amazing ROM!

    • You should use the default player Miui becuase is coolest then google play music which if I remember is still in beta mode.

      • but i use google play music with my playlist and sync frequently, i tried the Miui player but din’t liked that much!

  3. Arata bine si se misca bine dar papa bateria. Dupa o ora de WiFi si putonat m-ai aveam 50 % baterie (bateria era 100% la inceputul orei). Am instalat Go Laungher dar mi-a dat citeva erori printre care si faptul ca nu am putiut sa adaug widget-uri pe ecran (imi aparea o eroare de genul: android system s-a oprit in mod neasteptat. va rugam incercati din nou). Si un ultim lucru: nu am putut sa ii sghimb thema. Am descarcat diferite Theme de pe Marcket, le-am instalat si le-am aplicat pe rind, dar nu s-a modificat nimic.
    In rest e Ok.

    • Salut Sorin. Dupa o ora de wifi pe orice rom 2.3.7 ajungi la 50%. Normal ca apar buguri daca instalezi alt launcher pe rom pentru ca e total schimbat frameworkul (nu stiu de ce ai instala go launher cand ai Miui). Referitor la temele despre care vorbesti sunt pentru Miui sau pentru Go Launcher ? Daca sunt pentru Miui atunci iti trebuie un folder undeva prin sistem (citeste la cealalta versiune de Miui) , daca te referi la Go Launcher nu cred ca cipi isi asuma vreo raspundere pentru schimbarea launcherul .
      /P. S : se scrie market nu marcket ;)) , mai nou google play store.

      • merci pentru corectie. temele erau pentru Miui si nu il acuz pe Cipi de nimic. Au fost doar niste constatari si atit.

        • E bine ca-i incercat combinatii asa descoperim impreuna una alta, nu consider ca e un repros!
          In orice caz e sa cititi ce se posteaza alaturi de ROM, eventual comentariile.

    • I think that MIUI is just like nightly CM, never ends 🙂 ,if there is someone to work on this.

  4. Great ROM! Finally a snappy launcher (coming from your MIUI release 3 which has very slow launcher). The following are some of the bugs I have noticed:
    1) Wi-fi hotspot still not working
    2) I have tried replacing the launcher with Launcher Pro, ADWLauncher, and Go Launcher and there seems to be no way to add widgets (except of course for the built-in widgets of the launcher, i.e. LauncherPro widgets and Go Widgets). When I try adding an app widget, there’s a FC message and the launcher would restart.
    3) Very limited choice of ringtones and notification tones.
    4) Torch app would sometimes run and turn on the camera flash when I unlock my phone. I’m not sure if I just accidentally clicked the Torch app icon as I unlocked the phone or there is some gesture set to launch it from the lockscreen.
    5) I read the the link you posted about using mdpi to solve the very slow launcher. I’m not sure if I understand it correctly though. From what I understand is that you were able to make it faster by resizing everything to mdpi. In this case, since all of the themes for MIUI are hdpi, this will render them useless thus defeating the whole idea of having miui as launcher. I mean, I can still use them but of course I should expect my phone to slow down, right?

    Hehe. Sorry for the long post. I’m just very happy that there’s still a lot going on for our not so new phone. 🙂 BTW, mine is the Cherry Mobile Nova variant from the Philippines. 🙂

    • 1) I don’t use WiFi hotspot, I beleave that is the kernel problem. Use .35 kernel version of @edgar
      2) I don’t try to change Launcher, why to do this on MIUI world? We have so much themes!
      3) You can add tones of ringtones, I’ve removed some resources for space reason
      4) happened to me
      5) some of system graphics will be replace when you aplly themes not all
      6) Enjoy 😉

  5. Found out that only 2G is selected by default. Now internet is quick again

  6. Tried a different kernel but bluetooth keeps crashing when you try to pair. Must be a different problem then.

    When you hold the home button you get a screen with the running aps that is still in chinese.

    I had the some problem with the torch ones and tried to recreate the switchon but didn’t get it to turn on again. Maybe just a glitch.

    Wi-fi hotspot never worked for me flawless in all the roms I tried and I tried them all.

  7. also icons from running programs in the top info bar dissapear or the program crashes?

  8. Somenone can help me? I have unnistall this rom because when i lock and unlock a flashlight appear and so i always have to reboot for that disappear, i get tired of that and install another rom , how can i fix that problem . I like this rom and i want to keep it but whitout that bug.

    Sorry my english :s , im portuguese

  9. @NC, Cipi and Miguel Cold: the problem with the torch is that you slide just over the home button.
    I found out that by using the home button you can activate/deactivate the torch when on the lock screen.

    Another bug.
    The sim toolkit also crashes when you change a setting, but It looks like the setting is activated.

  10. Hi,

    call record isn’t working.
    It only creates a 6byte audio file… (I’v read this is related with kernel…)

    It seems stable, clean, fast.

    Got problems running 3D games.

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