[ROM 2.2]Kernel[17.01.13]


Hey guys,I’ve changed flash routine of previous posted kernel so it should work on different ROMs: Phanthom, Crazy S, Brem. In prosess of flashing, script of this zip format adapting to every of this ROMs.



L.E.: For Fromanya use kernel 19.08.12!

How to flash kernel:

-install from recovery
-use wipe cache and advanced/dalvik cache

Update kernel 19.08.12:


Long time ago in changelog of ROM’s appers something like this:
„BusyBox run-parts support–––––––-: YES”
„init.d script enabled kernel”.

Means that system can run scripts on boot time and is very important for custom ROMs. For example, on Phantom’s ROM option app2ext, included in menu, doesn’t work without this patched kernel because uses scripts at boot time 🙂
Kernel made by @sergeyotro have an „modern” features for our old phone and ROMs (2.2 version) but not init.d script support. So I’ve added this feature to his kernel.

Download link: http://www14.zippyshare.com/v/41882072/file.html

BUGS: Based on users feedback, it seems that don’t work torch apps. bug fixed :), I’ve tried with „TeslaLed Flashlight”

How to flash kernel:
-install from recovery
-use wipe cache and advanced/dalvik cache



Credit for next kernels goes to @sergeyotro, good job man if you read this blog! Thanks again!

Kernel experiments, version 04.06.2012:
-Better graphics performane on overclocking.
-CPU undervolting on <480 frequencies.
-Huge Wi-Fi adapter undervolting.

Download link: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/8378844/file.html

Kernel, version 26.05.2012:
-Torch apps is working.
-Battery capacity is showing in multiplies of 1 instead of 10.
-CPU overclocking to 787MHz.

Download link: http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/66901473/file.html


10 gânduri despre „[ROM 2.2]Kernel[17.01.13]

  1. This kernels started the torch…. but youtube videos can run up to 10 to 12 minutes only, after that phone atomaticaly restarts…. why ? Original kernel can run youtube videos very smoothly !!!!

  2. Thank you. Strangely enough It connects to the wifi but I get no internet

  3. Installed this kernel again today and strangely it works on my office network but not at home. Will try it again at home when i get home. Thanks for all the work

  4. Could be possible but with the original kernel it works and all my other devices also work.
    Flashed again and now it works.
    Thanks for it

  5. Il testez de trei zile, e ok, stabil si foarte fluid pana acum.

  6. fail to wake up the screen when the alarm is ringing after flashing the lastest kernel [17.01.13]

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