[ROM 2.3.7] ROM CM7.2 „Unofficial-nightly”[Build 31/08/12][nb0 format]

I’ve put together some works of @Fagulhas to make this ROM, based on aPT-v3 (nightly – 31/08/12):

-nb0 format (unzip and flash with SUTLR)
-based on official ROM ver.327J (the newest radio firmware)
-kernel #441
-radio files fixed
-no google apps, you can flash right after phone enter in recovery

Please select „power off” from recovery and boot with Master Reset.


26 de gânduri despre „[ROM 2.3.7] ROM CM7.2 „Unofficial-nightly”[Build 31/08/12][nb0 format]

  1. Thanks nice work
    wifi tethering not working and mobile temp. on higher side.

  2. Why not to use .zip format. .nb0 format has to be applied using SUTLR and it’s not working using WIndows 7

    • Yes, there is no problem with SUTLR on Win7 and why nb0?
      Have you read changelogs?
      It’s base on the latest official ROM for our phone 327J and you have all in one, believe me there still out there people that remains without IMEI or they don’t have too much experience.

      Yes, .zip format is handy, myself almost all the time using this method but sometimes is need for nb0 format!

  3. Cipi.
    I can’t install any other ziped roms over this one. I tried with Lewa and Ligux and they wount load. The phone boots and freezes. Is it the rom to blame(or the kernel)? I had no problems instaling zips over 7.1 and other 7.2.

    • ROM-ul 327J are partitiile diferite, sincer inca nu stiu care e problema, nici macar n-am incercat chestia asta.
      Daca vrei sa ai firmware radio cel mai nou ca pe acest ROM foloseste metoda de instalare de pe forumul .pt

  4. This rom started to call the last number in the list by itself. Yersterday it called twise the same number. I had to change the rom.

  5. I loved this ROM however it seems that my 2G and 3G and WiFi throughput reduced and became unrliable. My push gmail stopped working reliably and my stock email also stopped polling my imap server reliably.

    I tried another very nice looking ROM from http://www.androidpt.com/index.php?/topic/37628-sonymod-237/ and found that if I can get my push gmail and stock email to work reliably then I will be able to use it for regular purposes.

    It does seem to be related to the newest modem firmware being the issue. I hope there is a way to find out what the problem is and resolve it. I don’t know where to start, if there are pointers, I can try it out.

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