Lost IMEI/GSM signal?

Users of this phone, sometimes, lose IMEI when flash ROMs 😦
The reason is we have more then one radio/GSM firmware.
There is no need to flash a nb0 file format every time you flash a new ROM (zip format), it’s stupid, right?
For example, I’m using Fromanya as base (always do) and I test or make ROMs based on CM7 without problem, so:
-never flash nb0 file before
-have a CWM backup with my stuff
-don’t like ROM, it’s too bugy and want to restore? Just restart in recovery and restore, without PC 🙂

If you start your phone in download mode and appears:


Modem REV: FXX-3-230-00

flash this file, after ROM 🙂

2) there is more than one version like I sad

Thanks to @Fagulhas for radio fix 🙂


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  1. hi Cipi.. mine has Modem REV: FXX-2-190-xx and always lost signal/IMEI after flashing those certain aPT v3-based ROMS. Is there any ways to change my modem REV to Modem REV: FXX-3-2xx-xx (upgrade), so i can install the FXX-3-xx proprietary libs?
    thanks 🙂

    • Modem REV can be changed when you flash nb0 file format.
      For aPTv3 you have a tutorial on @Fagulhas page.
      For some modem rev there is no need to flash that FXX-3-xx proprietary libs, if you do this you have no IMEI/GSM signal problem.

      • SOLVED. i’ve flashed to your Fromanya nb0 as a base ROM, and the signal is ON 🙂 🙂
        Super Thanks 😀

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