[ROM 2.3.7] CM-259 nightly-SLIM [USB tethering&Wi-Fi hotspot supported]

This ROM is cm_z71_full-259.zip, nightly version (old, yes I know) but it’s just an experiment, it’s not a new ROM or port. Some of you ask on this blog about Wifi/Usb hotspot/tethering, in my opinion the problem is the kernel (I don’t tested on others ROMs and this feature is not my needs):

-very lite,I’ve removed bloatware but not ultralite 🙂

-works Tethering&portable hotspots 🙂

-GApps included with latest Market

-some apps added but nothing more


-version with changed wifi drivers


PS: I don’t intend to make updates to this ROM, like I sad is just an experiment


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  1. can you give me the wifi drivers because i will port it to miui to use wifi tether

  2. Thanks for your ROM. Do you mean the changed wifi drivers version is more stable?

    • I don’t know if is more stable but works better.
      For example I have problem with searching APs, on 2.3 ROMs.

  3. hi cipi,
    can you tell me step by step, if i want to fix my wifi tether with password?
    mine is cm7 z71 aPT v2, kernel version 2.6.32
    now can’t tether my wifi w/ password, only with open tether

    thank you

    • Flash original ROM (froyo version).
      If the problem still persist you have hardware bug.

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