[ROM2.2] phantom_sky_revolution_v1 [.nb0][mod]

Hi guys, do you remember kernel made by @sergeyotro? It’s seems that don’t work on Phantom if there is an ext partition present on SD card 😦
I don’t use this ROM for almost a year and I don’t test this combinations, but few days ago when I’ve received messages from some user and tell me that don’t works, I test myself.

Even if I decided to don’t make or update ROMs any more, it’s a shame, Phantom ROM is the worldwide used, for this phone, right?


-modded kernel, now works 🙂 and some little change in one script file
-add custom recovery, when you flash with SUTLR at the end have a 0X4000 error, don’t worry it’s normal. reboot with Master Reset
-updated Play Market, default one don’t work anymore, it’s too old and deleted Office, ScannerBar
This ROM is nb0 format, like the original
CPU works on „performance” scaling by default, I think can squize some battery life if you change to „ondemand” and use feature of setCPU like Profiles.

P.S.: I don’t have intetion to modify this ROM, in the future!





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    • maybe kernel not support swap but like i sad no more updates

      L.E.: from what I’ve read on some forum, it’s working, man

  1. It’s this version Sky Revolution v1a – WIFI FIX based? Can’t find the wifi fix.

  2. Works fine except that the the battery life is short when you connect to wifi and surf the net compared with the original kernel

    • By default, on this ROM, the CPU works on performance governor, use ondemand instead.

  3. Здраствуйте, по английски не бум-бум, извиняюсь заранее. Проблема с мелодией звонка возникла. Она один раз при звонке проигрывается, а потом идет просто вибро. Как сделать, чтобы мелодия звонка повторялась?

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